About the Program

Structure of the Program

3 year olds

Children work with a parent or carer to learn the basic skills of baseball such as throwing, catching and hitting using a modified baseball bat.

Station to Station Area

4 & 5 year olds. Children move to various stations practicing catching and throwing with a glove and hitting from a tee or with a pitcher.

Little Big League Area

6 & 7 year olds. At this age group the children start with skill based activities and end the session with a game. Children need their own glove.

Rookie Ball Area

8 year olds learn the positions and base locations and use their skills to play baseball. Children need their own glove.
Although learning the skills and rules of baseball are a focus of the little league program, learning to listen to, follow instructions from and respect the coaches are other skills that are promoted.


At the beginning of each Friday night the children hear SUPEDOG’S RULES

Rule 1

Listen to your Coach.

Rule 2

No play fighting or teasing other teams with different colours – we are all friends and all Indians.

Rule 3

Be persistent – Keep trying (new things are hard to do but if you keep trying you will get better)

Rule 4

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