10 Year Lease SECURED!

It’s a great privilege that I can say the City of Mitcham Council has voted and granted us a 10 year lease at Mortlock Park.

Last night’s vote is a historic and exciting moment in our Club’s history.  A lot of time and effort has gone in to get us to this point and we are extremely proud of the result.

On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank our players, families and supporters that attended the meeting last night in the Club colours. It was fantastic to see an array of our members in attendance. The kids that were in attendance are to be commended for their exemplary behaviour in what was a long and eventful meeting.

The support shown over the last couple months by our Club Members, the local community and the South Australian baseball fraternity has been amazing and can not be understated. I am sincerely thankful to all those that took the time to complete the consultation survey, to email the Elected Members and/or to turn up last night. The time and effort from everyone has lead us to this outcome.

A special mention to our Council Liaison and former President Mark Haylock for his continuous support and extremely hard work over the past three years.  Thank you also to Grant Clark for his long running work as our former Council Liaison.

There are some very exciting times ahead for our Club and we all look forward to what the next period in our history holds.

With a Council election coming up in November it is important that our Club continues to support other sporting clubs and the local community. Those in attendance last night will be able to vouch for the importance of having Elected Members supporting our cause. As we receive details of nominations for Council we will engage with the nominees and provide guidance to our members, so that your vote in the elections is for those nominees that support our community ideals.

Once again thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to the fast approaching season. With a lease now in place the focus changes and we will continue ramping up for the opening of the season.

Important season and Club information will continue to be provided via Heads Up (this email list), Facebook and Team App (Juniors) so please ensure you keep up to date with these communications.

Yours in baseball,
Kale McBain

Goodwood Baseball Club

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